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Hypothetically speaking, if your bishop invited your congregation to a special meeting or fireside, and in this meeting was a broadcast from the first presidency inviting us (not commanding us) to leave our homes and jobs and live in tent communities in various places as refuge from the world, would you go?

I’ve asked this question to a few friends and family as a conversation starter and I’ve had various responses. Each time it leads to interesting discussions.

It’s an interesting question. It would take a lot of sacrifice and faith to just walk away as things around us seem relatively peaceful right now.

But things may not alway be as they seam.

The reason this is on my mind is because my wife and I have recently read two books by Julie Rowe.

A Greater Tomorrow

Her first book, A Greater Tomorrow, Julie details a near death experience (NDE) she had in 2004, in which time she was shown many things, past and future.

Having read and enjoyed Visions of Glory, this book was like a second witness. There were a few things that seemed slightly contradictory so I wondered if either could really be taken 100% literal. But at the same time, the door is open that both could be literal as there are possible explanations to these seeming contradictions.

The Time is Now

Julie’s second book, The Time is Now is a follow-up to her first book. She got so many questions about her first book that she felt inspired to write this one on what to do to get prepared.

In this book she includes a lot of scripture references and quotes from prophets and apostles, past and present.

My Thoughts

I will admit, I was very skeptical of these books at first. They are not scripture and they do not come from the leadership of the church. But after reading them, pondering them and praying often about them, they “taste good” to me.

The way I see it, these these are either true, or one big hoax. I lean about 98% towards these being true.

So what am I doing about it? I’m doing all I can to prepare — both spiritually and temporally. I wouldn’t say I’m preparing out of fear. I feel I’m preparing more out of excitement.

If these books are truly visions that these people have had, and if these visions come to pass, then things are going to get hard – very hard. But there will be a lot of miracles come to pass and once the hardships start to subside things will get better, gloriously better! I would love to be around to witness all of this, and I would love to have my family witness it with me. (I’ll admit that in the past I figured I would rather die than go through the trials described in the last days, but I don’t feel that way now).

So we are doing all we can to prepare. I won’t go into details on what we are doing, but essentially we are taking more seriously the council that the prophets and apostles have given us for years and giving strict head to their words.

So what if they are a hoax? What then? Well, Julie is not suggesting we do anything that our leaders have not counseled us for years and years to do. If it is a hoax and 5-10 years from now life is pretty much the same as it is now, well, then, my family will have a years supply of food storage and other emergency storage. We will have less debt. We will have spent more money preparing and doing these things that we would have on vacations and other “stuff”.

Is this a bad thing? I don’t think so. That is why I feel these books are good and the fruit of them is good. My wife and I read these two books together — both of them within a week each. We are on the same page and it has brought a great spirit of urgency into our home. Like I said, we are not scared, but excited and a little anxious. And while we have a sense of urgency, we are also planting our fruit trees so to speak. As I write this I’m excited to ride the Cannibal at Lagoon and coach little league baseball again this year.

I’ve noticed these two books and Visions of Glory have been in the top sellers for “Mormonism” on Amazon for a while. I don’t know why haven’t heard about them until recently.

Best Sellers in Mormonism

My father-in-law first told me about Visions of Glory and my sister-in-law told us about Julie Rowe’s books. I know that many people will look at me as crazy when I start talking about these books, so it is hard to know who to share them with and when.

But I was thinking tonight that I would be upset with my friends and family that knew about these books and didn’t tell me about them. So I thought I would start here on my blog and share this post with my friends and family.

Don’t let these books replace your scriptures. Rather, read these books and study your scriptures more. As I have done this I’ve found more insight and interest in the scriptures. And as the authors of these books point out, it is more important to prepare spiritually than temporally. Learn to recognize the promptings of the Spirit and you will know how to prepare temporally.

This is an exciting time we live in and it is only going to get more exciting.

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  1. You have described how I and my husband feel exactly! These couldn’t be mine own words more if I wrote them myself! Thank you for sharing and confirming exactly what I have felt.

  2. I agree with the comment above. This post is exactly how I feel. I feel excited and anxious. I am happy to trade had ship of woodland camping for the evils of the world.

    Another book I was just told about is, “The Great Gathering” by Mechelle McDermott . You can find it on Kindle for $2. It is a compilation of Visions of Glory, both Julie Rowe books, modern day-prophet quotes and scriptures all in one place. I just started it but I think if you only have time to read one book make it this because you get the overview then if you wan the details get the other books.

  3. Dustin,

    I’m sorry but this is the same story told, over and over and over again.

    The reason Joseph Smith had people joining the church back in 1830 in droves was for the very same reason —
    1. He had a vision.
    2. The second coming was just around the corner. (it wasn’t until his followers pressed him that he finally recieved the revelation he wouldn’t see Jesus until he was 80 something)
    3. He had a book
    4. He sent out missionaries warning people of the calamities about to fall the Earth and they must gather in Zion before it is too late.

    And I could go on and on… So, what I’m trying to say is DOOM SELLS.

    Are you aware the Saints were absolutely convinced the second coming was in 1890? It’s true. Go look it up.

    If Julie was a true messenger of God, she WOULD NOT SELL her visions and blessings. I don’t buy the line that she “only” makes .43 cents per copy of the book.

    Let me put it another way: If I had a vision from God, I WOULD NOT SELL IT. I would make and ebook and put it on Amazon for free. Or I would start a blog and post my visions in a free PDF.

    Julie Rowe is following a long list of people, who over the centuries, have profited off the inherent fear we people have of the future. Sad. I’m sure you will say, “What if she is right?” Well, what if monkeys come flying out of my butt tomorrow? What if your car crashes tomorrow? What if you trip falling out of your bed tomorrow? Bad things happen to people and countries every day.

    Julie is an opportunist, just like Joseph Smith.

    1. Todd,Obviously you have never gathered information about Joseph Smith sufficient to take to our Heavenly Father in prayer. Judging from your tone neither do you have any idea about what The Restoration of The Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. You show your arrogance and your ignorance for all to see and read in a very prideful manner.
      Unfortunately you are able to negatively influence others without the guts to seriously search for truth.
      The fortunate thing however is that you and others like you can still be saved and even exalted through The Atonement of Jesus Christ after sincere repentance which will required that you exercise more faith and open mindedness.

  4. I do not believe for one minute Julie Rowe is an opportunist and I feel bad that anyone would ever think Joseph Smith was.

    I believe we are headed for some very difficult times where we will be tried and tested. Our testimonies will be questioned. The signs are all there. My husband and I felt the same way after reading Julies books. We felt “She could very well be right” we did not have any bad or repulsed feelings. However, I did with Visions of Glory. There were too many things just “not right” about either what he said or how John Pontius presented it. I have since listened to an interview with “Spencer” and John Pontius and still feel something is just not right with his account.

    We have also been following the Shemetia and Harbinger. We are watching the Jewish calendar closely. The signs are all there. The timeline is all on track. We are excited but frantically preparing.

  5. Here is my problem. Joseph Smith, Joseph F Smith, President Packard and others have all said in one form or another this……Yes revelation is something we all can have. Yes we can dream dreams but it is rare and a very.special experience. When the Lord reveals secrets to you you are not to go share them with the world. Only the authorized priesthood holders have this right when it is ordered of the Lord. Joseph F Smith was very.specific in saying that if any come among the saith professing to have had sacred dreams to know this was not of the Lord. I do not care how spiritual she seems. I do not care if for some they say…well if it does not happen no harm no foul. There is harm. These spiritual feelings confuse the real spirit and we question then when the spirit is real. Secondly, while your testimony may be strong and you can push this off there are so many who are now floundering and grabbing on to people like this for guidance. We should only look to the Prophet for these things. If nothing does happen how many of these people will say..oh, been there done that I had a spiritual experience and nothing happened so I am not gonna do this again. The Prophets are more than clear……if it does not come from his called men it is not to be considered. The absolute essential thing that must happen now is to turn away any from anyone professing dreams and look with a single eye to the leadership. They were chosen because the Lord knows these men. This women has claims but holds absolutely no authority.
    We also can not use bishops and stake presidents allowing her to speak as the final that this is truth. I have watched many times as local leaders were deceived. One eye single to the glory or God. God chose our apostles and that is all I need. I have been preparing for years and am increasing now because they have.said it. No other reason.
    Study what are.prophets have said about the last days and visions and dreams and then get.back on your knees and ask again.

    1. Nanci, I hear what you’re saying and I have had the same concerns. It would be nice if you would post exact quotes rather than your interpretation of them though to make them easier to find and validate.

      My first thought on this was I wonder what the saints thought when Samuel the Lamanite came to share his visions and prophesies that he felt the Lord told him to share. Same with Lehi. Neither of these men were considered prophets or leaders of the church at the time, right?

      I went for a walk this morning and decided to listen to the biography of Brigham Young by John G. Turner. I found a few quotes from the book interesting:

      Young also possessed a strong belief in the spiritual meaning and utility of dreams and therefore recorded countless dreams in his journal and letters. “I doe not know as it will harme enny boddy in the world to know what folks dream,” he insisted, “fore there is no harme in dreaming.” The night before boarding the ship for Liverpool, he wrote Mary Ann, “[ I] asked my Hevenly Father in the name of Jesus to give me som manifestation concerning my jorney across the water.” He dreamed of successfully crossing a “large body of water covered with ice and snow . . . like honney comb,” which he reported “satesfisd my feeling in agrate mashere [measure].” He routinely dreamed about Mary Ann and his children, sometimes envisioning domestic bliss and sometimes fearing sickness and estrangement. “There is carsly [scarcely] a night but what I dreme of being in my own native contry,” he explained in another letter. He saw church members, including Sidney Rigdon, and apostates such as Thomas Marsh. In another dream, he saw several groups of people in the “western contry”: a northern group of “saints or Israelits,” a southern group of “wicked malicias mobers,” and a larger group of people in the East. Although the Saints regularly defeated the mobs, the latter replenished their ranks from the East, where the people “did not seeme to notice enny thing about it.” In addition to sharing his own visions, Young took pleasure in the dreams and prophecies of others. Peter Melling, ordained a patriarch by the church, prophesied that Young, Kimball, and James Whitehead “should [not] sleep in the grave till they should see the son of man com in his glory or in the cloud of heaven.” The blessing “caused my hard heart to rej[ oi] ce in the Lord,” wrote Young.

      Later it mentioned the interest the Brigham took in the visions of others:

      Young shared this concern. While in England, he reported to Mary Ann a vision experienced by Ann Booth, a Manchester convert to the church. Booth visited “the Place of departed spirits,” lodged in twelve prisons. She saw “one of the 12 apostles of the Lamb who had been martyred in America,” David Patten, who proceeded to baptize John Wesley, several other Methodist preachers, and her own grandfather, uncle, sister, and mother. For Young, the vision gave hope for the salvation of “my Dear Mother . . . and my sister that died about 1808.”

      When I got home I found my wife listening to a recent talk by Richard G. Scott from the April 2012 general conference. It was an interesting talk on revelation and dreams. In it he mentions we should record them in our journals and protect these journals from loss and intrusion of others.

      So, I try to keep my revelations to myself and family. But I often feel prompted to share them while teaching lessons in church or bearing testimony. Is that wrong?

      I think the best council came from our Savior (Matthew 7:20) “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” From what I can tell, Julie Rowe is not looking for followers. She is just trying her best to follow the Spirit and encourages anyone who will hear her message to follow the prophets.

      > Study what [our] prophets have said about the last days and visions and dreams and then get back on your knees and ask again.

      I study these things often. I pray about these things and for the Spirit of discernment almost every night.

      1. Dustin thank you for your comments and Nanci thank you for yours. I started to write a response two days ago but felt that I should not. Now I know why, Dustin you did a lot better job than I could.

        I liked your comment about Samuel the Lamanite and Lehi. Even Nephi helped his brothers understand his father’s words of grafting in the olive branch by asking the Lord himself (1 Nephi 15). Also Amulek, who was a normal guy by his own words (Alma 10:4) … rich, but normal, was chosen to testify along with the Spiritual leader Alma. Also in Alma 10:2 Amulek calls out that he was a, “decedent of Aminadi who interpreted the writing which was upon the wall of the temple, which was written by the finger of God.” Now this is the first time we have ever heard of Aminadi. He was not one of the writers of the BOM, he was not anyone that led the church but yet he was the one chosen to interpret the writing on the wall. Does that make his interpenetration invalid or should he not have told anyone what the interpretation was because it was personal to him. No. Dustin says it, there is a time and a place to share personal experiences and all governed but how the spirit directs. Numbers 11:29 “…would God that all the Lord’s people were prophets…” God is willing to rain down knowledge upon all of us but only if it is for our good. And from personal experience I have been prompted to share dreams and visions to other people, even non-members, and when I follow those prompting the spirit is very strong.

        I believe Article of Faith 7 “We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth.” The prophets do not have the corner on the market for all revelations. But be assured (Amos 3:7) if the Lord reveals something to a member he defiantly has told his prophet.

        Follow the prophets for they are the mouthpiece of the Lord and follow the spirit for it will testify of truth. It goes without saying I believe Julie’s books not because of her (I do not know her at all) but because of the good fruit that has come into my life since I read the books.

    2. While it can be good that the saints are starting to heed the words of the prophets I still see a big problem with this. I know many people who are selling their houses and pulling out all their retirement thinking the hard times are in a year or so. And those are just the people I know, imagine how many hundreds of thousands of the saints are doing the same thing. So many people are so consumed with the last days that they are missing the present and enjoying time with their kids and family.

    3. I found it interesting when you look up “visions” in Mormon Doctrine it says, “Visions are to increase and abound in the last days, for the Lord has promised to pour out his “spirit upon all flesh” so that old men shall dream dreams and young men shall see visions” (Joel 2:28-32)

      Then look up Gifts of the Spirit…

      I think all of this is where ”seeing that you judge righteously” comes in I feel. To automatically dismiss someone’s vision due to a false belief that only the prophet can have visions is incorrect in my book. The prophet isn’t going to spoon feed the members of the church….we’ve been warned and if we still don’t have oil in our lamps there will be sad consequences…

  6. The word of the Lord regarding future events comes through the prophet, not through a lay member. Only the prophet has he keys. He alone is authorized to give specifics about future events. She may be well intentioned, but sadly her words are the philosophies of men mingled with scripture. It is unfortunate that so many are deceived by this.

      1. No she doesn’t have the keys. She is just sharing her experiences that she feels God has given here and telling people to listen to the prophet who does hold the keys.

        Did Samuel the Lamanite hold the keys? I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like he did. There were some who believed him and some who did not.

        Those who believed sought out the prophet Nephi. Those who did not, cast stones and arrows at Samuel.

    1. Chris, not so, people are entitled to The Gift of Prophecy and to individual revelation–which often comes as a direct answer to heartfelt prayer. We as LDS are also commanded to warn others
      as directed by The Holy Ghost. So what is the real problem with a lay member writing about what he or she experienced at the same time telling that they too should find their own testimony fro m their own sources concerning what will come to pass as we draw nearer to what is commonly known as The Day or Period of Tribulation, especially when the direction and events are totally consistent with what our Prophets and Apostles have been saying.

      “Tis a Slothful Servant Who Must Be Commanded in All Things”.
      Sure, times are rough right now and we all need direction and certainly we should be relying heavily on our Church nleaders, but what good is the principle of agency and the nresultance growth opportunities if we are not able to confidently exercise our growing faith in a positive way.

    2. Where does it say that only the prophet is allowed to have visions of future events? Sounds like more individual interpretation….what’s your take on Joel 2:28-32?

      Take a few moments out to search through Elder McConkie’s Mormon Doctrine under VISIONS, DREAMS, GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT, SIGNS OF THE TIMES, and any others that can provide some guidance…

      Of course many will say Mormine Doctrine is not true….implying they are more knowledgable and spiritual than Bruce R was….

  7. Our feelings are… does Julies books bring us closer to God our Father and Jesus the Christ? I would say yes. Then how do I personally feel about certain statement. Then what have we to gain or loose be being prepare spiritual, and temperaly? We are grateful for the push to the light…

  8. Hi I met a man on a online forum that had nothing to do with religion. He said he had a NDE and posted a picture of himself in the hospital. He posted the pic of himself because people were asking for “proof” and this was not a religious or spiritual forumn , alot of atheist/agnostic type people . Right when I saw the pic I knew I wanted to read his book that is how bad the picture was. His book with available independently for $2.99 on Amazon.com. I personally believe his story because the picture I saw of him in the hospital was pretty horrific ( he had so many tubes going in and out of his body!). I cant remember what he died of at the moment. Also he is NOT LDS. He is christian. He did meet Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ said that he was coming alot sooner than people think! That is stated in the book along with other details. Their are other details that LDS people may find very interesting. Also I have read other NDE books and I believe the experiences some state they saw groups gathered into cities of light before the cataclysms and others do not see this. I think the reason for this discrepancy is that it has to do with peoples obedience to be worthy to be called out but that is my personal opinion. His book is called Imagine Theirs a Heaven by Jim Austerman. To me its just another confirmation but thought others may like to know about it too. 🙂

  9. Several years ago, President Hinckley said “the prophecy of Joel has been fulfilled”. Joel wasn’t prophesying about prophets and general authorities having visions and dreams.
    These are gifts of the spirit. The spirit will testify truth unto us, all things which testify of Christ.
    Not one of these folks claim to to speak for or in place of prophets or leaders in directing the members. In fact, they emphatically state the opposite! If the Lord told me to go and do, I am sure I would not defy Him, no matter the judgments of men…

  10. The Church officially does not endorse anything Julie Rowe is saying. https://si.lds.org/bc/seminary/content/binary-content/binary-content/news-tim-gurr/publication_caution—a_greater_tomorrow_my_journey_beyond_the_veil_04-statements-in-circulation3831.pdf

    Follow the money. She is charging 25$ for a phone in session, give me a break. Pres. Packer said in Oct. 1992 General Conference. “There are some among us now who have not been regularly ordained by the heads of the Church and who tell of impending political and economic chaos, the end of the world—something of the “sky is falling, chicken licken” of the fables. They are misleading members to gather to colonies or cults.

    Those deceivers say that the Brethren do not know what is going on in the world or that the Brethren approve of their teaching but do not wish to speak of it over the pulpit. Neither is true. The Brethren, by virtue of traveling constantly everywhere on earth, certainly know what is going on, and by virtue of prophetic insight are able to read the signs of the times.

    Do not be deceived by them—those deceivers. If there is to be any gathering, it will be announced by those who have been regularly ordained and who are known to the Church to have authority.

    Come away from any others. Follow your leaders who have been duly ordained and have been publicly sustained, and you will not be led astray.”

    1. You talked about following the money Cameron. By that logic, our apostles and general authorities also charge money for their books. Does that put them in the same category as Julie Rowe and others? I’m actually serious about this question. Is it ever okay for anyone to profit from their testimony?

  11. Its hard to keep it to your self, I had visions and dreamed dreams, but I didnt write a book only because I didnt know how, If I knew how I may have wrote a book too, but not charged people any money. But first I would of went to the leaders on how they felt about what I had to say. We are in the Last days, rest assured on that, the Prophets of old and new have warned us of the calamities to come, nothing new with that, so just follow the prophets and you will be OK, some will be caught up in all the wars and confusion in the world, but if you are spiritually ready you will not fear death.

  12. the prophets old a new have been telling us to prepare for the calamities to come. Nothing new about this they just keep saying to prepare. Good advice

  13. I would like to know if anyone knows what our prophet and leaders said about julie rowe?. Thanks in advance I am a member who haven’t attended church in a while so I don’t know if they have said anything.

    1. I don’t think any general authority has publicly said anything about Julie Rowe. They did issue a reminder to institute and seminary teachers that her books should not be used and that they need to stick to approved church literature. But Julie is in good standing with the church as far as I know so you can take that however you want.

  14. You have to be very careful. We are warned about false prophets. Satan also has the power to mimic spiritual gifts. I would stick to scripture.

  15. There is a very simple reason “The Brethren” do not “pound the pulpit” about food storage and preparedness (as they often did back in the 70’s and 80’s): The church is worldwide and huge. If they were to make anything even slightly resembling a startling comment over the pulpit, then there would be a run on grocery stores practically worldwide, which could lead to a serious backlash against the church. The time for repeated warnings from the central leadership of the church is long over. An urgent and plain warning to prepare NOW could only come from regular members and non-members alike (think of Sarah Menet’s book “There is no death”).

    Second point to counter this argument: “Same old warning throughout decades and decades and nothing ever happened, so therefore all recent warnings are nonsense.” This was EXACTLY the line of reasoning the residents of ancient Jerusalem followed when they were specifically warned of being overrun by the Babylonians. Year after year nothing happened. And then one day, dust clouds appeared in the distance from thousands of Babylonian soldiers surrounding the city, after which it was forever too late to repent and prepare. People have argued over the decades that the tribulation could begin any day now, and they were correct to say so. All evidence pointed to that possibility: Korean War, Viet Nam War, financial crises in the 30’s, 70’s, 80’s 2000’s, etc. It could have happened at any time for decades now. This is the test. We don’t know exactly the timing of things, but we must do our best to always be prepared. This is challenging, but necessary.

    Finally, for a completely non-NDE, non-religious confirmation of the urgency to prepare, check out financial analyses. Not from bubble head TV sources though, they simply try to sucker people into investing in things too late. Check out Mike Maloney’s hiddensecretsofmoney.com, and on YouTube: SGT Report, X22 Report, and Greg Hunter. They have interviews of financial experts, and guess what these non-members are saying… PREPARE NOW with food, precious metals, security, etc. because we are headed for difficult times.

  16. Another good example of a warning from a righteous member of the church that saved many was Agabus Acts 11:27-30. The early leaders of the church published many of the dreams and visions of the members. Julie has only ever said to follow the prophet and the brethren, but, also to prepare. The saints have been counseled to prepare for the last 170+ years. Brigham was telling the saints to have a 2 years supply before they left Nauvoo. When they reached the valleys of the west, many of the brethren spoke of being prepared, and that those same valleys would become a refuge in the times of tribulation. We should be obedient to the word of the Lord given through his appointed servants. Julie’s testimony does not contradict the request for use to be prepared with food, water, fuel, shelter, clothing, etc., for at least a year, which used to be two years, which used to be 7 years. Now, even three months must be enough for some. Let’s not squabble over this, just be obedient and wait on the Lord.

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