BYU Mens Chorus Closing Hymn in April 2007 Priesthood Session

April 12th, 2007 by Dustin

Brandon mentioned how wonderful the closing hymn was in the recent priesthood session of general conference this year. That made want to listen to it again. (If you don’t remember it, they sang a song to the tune of Be Still My Soul, but the lyrics where words from Nephi’s Psalm.) But since the church doesn’t upload the musical numbers in mp3 and they don’t even upload the priesthood session in mp3, you would think I would settle on waiting for the CDs or DVDs to be available at Well, sometime I get determined, and such was the case today that led me to find a way.

The church did upload an mp4 file of the priesthood session for ASL (American Sign Language). I downloaded the enormous file and found that the audio is all there as well – and it is the whole session! Now, I hope I didn’t do anything wrong here, but I did a search for a mp4 to mp3 converter and downloaded the first one that looked interesting. After converting the audio to mp3 format, I imported it to Audacity and extracted the closing hymn so I could listen to it over and over again.

Now, if you don’t want to go to all that trouble to hear this masterpiece. You can just download it here.


I did a search for the lyrics and found them, plus some additional information about the song. The song is titled “I Love The Lord”. The arrangement is by Ronald Staheli. The lyrics are a paraphrase of 2 Nephi 4 by John Tanner.

I Love the Lord
I love the Lord, in Him my soul delights.
Upon His word, I ponder day and night.
He’s heard my cry, brought visions to my sleep,
And kept me safe o’er deserts and the deep.
He’s filled my heart with His consuming love,
And borne me high on wings of His great dove.

Yet oft I groan, “O wretched man am I”
My flesh is weak and I’m encompassed by
A world of sin, which holds me in it’s thrall,
If I give in and to temptations fall.
Then strength grows slack, I waste in sorrow’s vale;
My peace destroyed, my enemies prevail.

Awake, my soul! No longer droop in sin.
Rejoice, my heart! And let me praise again,
The Lord my God, who is my rock and stay
To keep me strict upon His straight, plain way.
Oh let me shake at the first sight of sin
And thus escape my foes without and in.

316 Responses to “BYU Mens Chorus Closing Hymn in April 2007 Priesthood Session”

  1. Brooke Says:

    Thanks for posting it! I’ve been searching for it on the Internet ever since I read the rave reviews.

    Here’s the origin of the music–the Finlandia Hymn, sung by the amazing Jubilate Choir:

    (Scroll down near the bottom to download it.)

  2. Connor Says:



    I was at this session, and WOW, this song was *SO* awesome.

  3. john f. Says:

    Thank you for doing this. I really appreciated that song and was wondering how to get ahold of it.

  4. Tyler A Says:

    Thanks Dustin,

    I was very moved by this song as I sat and tried to get all of the words. That choir was particularly tight and brilliant for this session.

    After the meeting I asked the men I went with what they thought of that song, and they said “it sounded nice”. They didn’t even notice the words were different!

    If you pay attention to the music it adds so much to the meetings!

    Thanks D for your work here. You may want to make the effort of asking Ronald Staheli if he’s okay with your efforts here :)

  5. sean Says:

    thanks for downloading that hymn. I looked all over for it. Made my day.

  6. Derek Says:

    I truly love this song. I have a Mac!! HELP! How do I down load this? Maybe sombody reading this can help me. Dustin, thanks for your time.

  7. James Says:

    This song moves me like I’ve never experienced before…Thanks for posting it.

  8. Rafael Says:

    May the Lord bless you for this great effort!! Incredible performance – I’ll never forget it (especially now.) I’m certainly grateful for it … thank you.

  9. Dave Says:

    I also downloaded the ASL version, but you must have cleaned up the audio as you version of the Men’s Choir is outstanding. Nice job. I really enjoyed the choir number. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Mackenzie Says:


    Is there any way we can get a copy of that song, on a cd? I would love that.

  11. Robert A. Hunter Says:


    Thank you ever so much for the trouble you took to post the BYU Mens Chorus presentation of “I Love the Lord.” My son and I attended priesthood meeting together and just sat there after the meeting to absorb it a little more. He has been searching the Internet to find it and came up with your copy yesterday. I put out a daily inspirational thought entitled Keepers! that I send to about 150 people–people in addiction recovery, friends, professional associates, and family. Today’s Keepers! has the Mens Chorus rendition attached.

    I have listened to it six times already. It’s like a piece of Heaven.

    Thanks again.

  12. David F. Says:

    I sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for 6 years so as you can imagine, feel that I have heard some REALLY great music. However, when I heard that performance, well, it was straight from heaven and I couldn’t talk about much else after the meeting except that music!! Thank you for sharing it with me. The next thing I want to know is where I can get a copy of the paper music so I can teach it to our next ward or stake men’s chorus. Email me with more good news, please.

  13. Dustin Says:

    I believe the sheet music can be ordered here:

  14. Ted Says:

    They actually sang the same arrangement in Priesthood Session many years ago (1999?) and I’ve loved it ever since then. I have yet to see it in print or hear it performed anyplace besides conference, which is a mystery to me. Thanks Dustin for the link to sheet music!

  15. Brandon J Says:

    I am SO glad somebody went to the effort of tracking down this powerful hymn. I’ve been trying to find it ever since it was first sung in priesthood session. Thank you. Is there any way you can email me the MP3 file or provide it as a link on the web site so that I