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I’ve recently lost about 20lbs. As I was getting dressed for a meeting last week, my wife said I looked like a little kid wearing his dad’s suit. So, for a combined Father’s Day/Anniversary gift, she wanted to get me a new suit.

I remember one time on a home teaching visit my companion was going off on how great Men’s Warehouse was. He said they treat you like a king there. Buying a suit at Men’s Warehouse was obviously one of his favorite things to do. So that is where I first suggested we go. I hate to say this, but I was really dissappointed. Maybe it was the Salesperson, maybe it was the store, maybe it was the selection… I don’t know. I think more than anything though it was the Salesperson that bugged me. It was a girl wearing a mini skirt and big hoop earings – just not what I expected. I bought a sports jacket there that cost $160, plus $15 for alterations in the sleaves. I left feeling sick to my stomach, because I didn’t really like the jacket and I had just spent close to $200 on it. The next day I went back during lunch and got a refund. I have to commend them for that. It was very easy and no questions asked – litterally. They simply issued me a refund and said “Sorry it didn’t work out for you.”

I told my wife that I really wanted a suit rather than a sports jacket. Also, I had read recently that most millionaires buy their suits at JC Penny due to the price and quality of the suits. So last night we started there. I was please to find that they had a lot larger selection that I was led to believe by looking on their website. I was also please to see they were having a sale and many suits were 25-50% off. I could have bought a Dockers brand suit for as low as $100 for the jacket and pants, or other suits for $150. There were no sales people though. This was a good and a bad thing – good in the sense that I didn’t feel pressured in any way, bad in a sense that I’m no expert in picking out suits ;). We found a few we liked, but I wanted to check out Mr. Mac’s before making a purchase.

I bought my missionary suits at Mr. Mac’s. In fact, I bought most everything for my mission at Mr. Mac’s. I was pleased with everything I purchase there. Suits were durable and lasted my whole mission and them some. My white shirts were durable and ramained white beyond my mission as well, and that is saying something for some of the areas I served in.

So we drove to Mr. Mac’s. The salesman who helped us was an older gentleman. We told him what we were looking for and my size and he showed us our selection. I found a suit that my wife and I really liked for $300. But I remembered him telling us they had some suits that were 2 for $300. Being the budget concious man that I am, I could clearly see the value of getting two for the price of one ;). We found two suits that we liked and actually got them both for $275. Then we threw in some nice ties that they gave us a 50% discount on, and some socks.

One thing I really liked about Mr. Mac’s was that all the alterations are free for the life of the suit. At Men’s Warehouse they had different fees for all types of alterations. This means that if I happen to lose any more weight, or (heaven forbid) gain some weight, I can go back in and get free alterations again.

All in all, I spend $365 last night. But this time I didn’t feel that sick sense of spending money for something I didn’t want.

So, where do you prefer to get your suits?

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  1. I’m all about JC Penny. I’ve had some very nice Dillard’s suits, and cheaper suits, but JC Penny has the best value, and the selection is great. I love getting 25% or more off, so I just check whenever I’m in or near the store.

  2. I bought my suits at Mr. Mac’s and they didn’t even make it through my first area. And I served in Utah. My shoes didn’t even last my first area. By the time I was transferred, I had a hole in my left shoe where my big toe stuck out. I would never buy there again. I bought so many suits at Saver’s and DI that lasted much longer than my Mr Mac’s suits.

  3. And to answer your last question, I haven’t bought a suit in five years. I were sport coats and dress pants. I get many more outfits that way than I do with a couple of suits.

  4. Kim,

    Glad you stopped by my site. I remember you from years ago when I had a Palm OS and I used to frequent the Palm OS groups.

    Wow, two other people I have talked also commented to me how long their suits from Mr. Mac’s lasted – you must have had some lemons 😉 I guess you’re lucky you served in an area where you could buy from the DI. It’s funny you should mention that. Brandon just mentioned to me that you can find some really good suits there. It never even occurred to me to look there.

    I currently have two sports coats. I think my wife prefers the sports coats for the reasons you mentioned. But sometimes to me, they feel too casual for church. Also, I find that suit coats tend to be a little lighter than sports coats and I don’t sweat so much 🙂

  5. I left for my mission in 1999, and I’m STILL wearing my Mr. Mac suits almost every week. One of them is quite worn out on the inside, however (a little bit of fraying inside the coat, and holes in the pockets, etc.). The other suit is in almost perfect condition, except for a small hole near the pockets of one of the pants. You can tell which suit I like the best. The other one I only wore at Zone Conferences, etc. (because it attracted lint and hairs like crazy). And I was the kind of missionary that like to wear my jacket all the time, so I’m surprised they’ve lasted 7 years! (I served in Japan)

    My wife thinks it’s about time for me to get a new suit, though. She doesn’t like the frayed coat. (I don’t think I need a new one – I’d feel like I’m parting with old friends – but you’ve got to listen to your wife.) I’m thinking I’ll go back to Mr. Mac, especially if I can get 2 for $300 like Dustin did. Plus, her parents gave me a gift certificate there for my birthday, so now I’ve got to go there. 🙂

  6. Two suits for $300! Don’t I wish!! I am 6’8″ tall and just recently had to buy five new suits since I went from a size 44 extra long to a size 46 extra long (getting old don’t you know). I don’t have the luxury of buying suits in JC Penney or Men’s Warehouse. I went to Boyd’s in my hometown of Philly (where the basketball players go) and they cost me about $700 each. They better last me at least a decade is all I have to say.

    Don’t even get me started on how much more I spend on an automobile in order to fit into it comfortably. You short people don’t realize how much cheaper you have it.

    Does anyone want to buy some 44 extra long suits in good condition?

  7. Hey Michael – Tall is no excuse at Mac’s. I’m 6’10” and 255lb (40in waist) My last suit was $220 at Mr. Mac (two-pant) I’ve been wearing it at least once a week for 2.5 years and it looks new. All of the crotch area seams are reinforced, and the jacket is in excellent shape too.

    Throw in free life-time alterations and Mac’s is a deal. Maybe next time spend your $700 on a plane ticket 🙂 I’ll be back to Mr. Mac’s next time I’m shopping.


  8. But this time I didn’t feel that sick sense of spending money for something I didn’t want.

    That is a sick feeling.

    I’ve had good luck at Men’s Warehouse. Bought the last suit I bought there, and it worked for the job interview I wore it to.

    Amazingly, having lost over sixty pounds, I now wear the suits I had before.

    If you time it, Dillards has some great buys.

    Depends what you are buying the suits for, and when.

    I’ve also worn Lands’ End suits and been happy with them. Their trim fit shirts are great too. Shop overstocks and sometimes you can get a great shirt for as little as nine dollars.

  9. Wow, $9 for a shirt. That’s great. I was thinking the next time I bought a shirt I could get it on 😀

    I saw suits at Costco last night. I guess that would be an Okay place to get one if you already know your size and don’t care to try it on first. I think for the coat and a pair fo pants it was around $100.

  10. My boyfriend is 6’7 and he wears a suit size 46xl. I realized it’s hard shopping for you tall men. So many places don’t have pass 42 or 44 l or even xl. With his new job position we he would need suits. We shoped around and we found Lauran by Ralph Lauren wool cashmier suits in 46xl and larger in many different colors and types. Grantd these suits are $600. You can find them at It’s for men and tall men too.

    Let me say the $300 is worth it. Sometimes they have really good sales. It looks so nice and he says it’s such a compfortable and pefect fit.

  11. I forgot to tell you at Decalo the suits are always $300 or less and the sales are added to that so it’s even Better. I’m sure you don’t want just any suit. My boyfriend looks Handsome in anything but these are nice. You should look into it. The brand and Decalo.

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