Primary Songs for 2006

My daughter just started Primary this year. She is really enjoying it. After he first day she came home singing “Scripture Power.” It’s quite the catchy tune!

My wife asked me to help her find the words & actual song if possible on I came across all the songs that the kids will be singing in Primary for 2006 and made a CD for my daughter to listen to to help her learn.

You can find all the words to the songs and download MP3s here:,17884,6413-1,00.html

Or, to make it easier on you, I’ve downloaded each of the songs and put them in a zip file which you can download here.

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  1. i am from new zealand we have a very small branch here , and we just got a new primary president my mother and we r trying to get the kids in to the spirt of the new program and the new songs for this year, holding hands around the world is one of them, we would like to get some pictures of other primary children holding hands and put the pictures of them up on our wall . we would love to get as many primarys from all over the world doing this. well if u can help any way pls email me asap , if you could tell us about your country and the back ground so that the kids can learn some thing new . thank you

  2. We would love to get pictures of primary kids holding hands. I’ll take some digital pictures next week. Where do you want me to send them? I would also be interested in any other pictures you might have that are digital. Thanks. PS: My dad Jerry Baker served a mission on New Zealand. He loved it and misses the beauties of the country.

  3. Where can I find the words to Holding Hands around the world? It’s not in the online songbook.

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