Resurrecting this Blog

I recently took the time to clean out all the comment spam on this blog and I’ve decided to try to bring it back to life. I’ve also removed the dated theme and resorted to bland default for now, but hopefully I can give it a little TLC soon.

Part of my inspiration was reading a book last year called Journey to the Veil by John Pontius. It is essentially a collection of blog posts he started writing after he learned he had cancer and wanted to preserve stories from his life for his children.

On top of that I have a goal to write 50 blog posts in 2015 amount my various blogs. (I also maintain a personal blog and a personal finance blog.) I’m starting to think that 50 was not very ambitious, but it is a start.

As I have been adding more spiritual books to my reading library lately I often have thoughts that I would like to share and discuss. Hopefully this can become a forum for everyone to participate in uplifting gospel discussions.

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