Symbolisms in Abraham’s Sacrifice

There are many symbolisms of the sacrifice of the Savior in the story of Abraham and his son, Isaac. Not only is it similar in that a son was being sacrificed, but consider these points:

  • Abraham had to travel a three day journey to get to Moriah, the place where the Lord
    commanded him to sacrifice his only son, Isaac (Gen 22:2). This is also the location of the Lord’s sacrifice for us all — Jerusalem’s Temple Mount (2 Chr 3:1).
  • Isaac carried the wood for the offering as Christ carried his own cross.
  • Lambs slain on the altar of the Temple were slain on the north side (Lev 1:11). Golgotha, where Jesus was crucified, is on the north side of
    the ridge of Moriah.

There are many other symbolisms between Abraham’s sacrifice and the Lords, and Abraham certainly recognized the symbolism as he called the place “Jehova-jireh” (Gen 22:14, John 8:56), meaning “the Lord shall be seen, or the Lord shall be provided.”