3 thoughts on “US Religions in 2000”

  1. Great map. I am wondering though who are the people that designate themselves as Christians. It’s not like Catholics et al. are not Christians.

    I see that in public opinion polls as well. The question is are you Catholic, Protestant, or other. You will always get fifteen to twenty percent who choose other and then specify Christian because they do not understand that their denomination is Protestant.

    Your categories are, of course, much more specific. So there may be a different reasons for designating Christian as one’s religion.

    Apologies for ranting about a pet peeve.

  2. Yeah, I wondered about that as well. I just figured it was the many churches that are just started as another Christian church – the type that don’t feel there is really a “true” religion, but rather feel any church is okay as long as you accept Christ as your Savior. So are you saying these are all Protestant churches? I didn’t realize that.

    “Your categories are, of course, much more specific.” – I didn’t come up with these. I assume it was data collected from the 2000 census.

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