What is your “Dream Calling”

Among conversations I have with people, this topic will occassionally come up. What calling in the church do you most aspire to? For me it is “Stake Sports Director!” Why? Well, I’ve always loved sports. Growing up in a small town there wasn’t much else to do. I played every sport available to me. Now that I’m married with small kids, the opportunity to be involved with sports is much less available to me. It’s hard to leave my wife at home with some ornery babies to go “play.” I’m guessing that with this calling, when I go play, or I go referree, or I go “oversee” a sports program, I would simply be fulfilling my calling. Plus, I don’t know much about this, but I would assume there is not a lot early morning meetings that need to be attended or lessons to prepare each week – not that I mind that stuff…

So what is your “Dream Calling?”

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  1. I agree with GeoffJ with one possible exception. Teaching the investigaters class – sometimes called gospel essentials or gospel principles- in a ward that had a lot of good missionary work going on.

    My nightmare calling – anything to do with Boy Scouts. This happens to involve my current calling.

  2. Gospel Doctrine teacher

    This one is good if you’ve got good listeners. I frequently get this calling because of my education, and I find I don’t like it as much as I used to because some audiences I’ve had were resistent to certain forms of pedagogy.

    My favorite is Boy Scouts. It gets me out of the house often doing fun stuff, helping the boys grow and learn in something worthwhile that doesn’t need a joystick or gamepad, and has no ties to Sunday meetings. Maybe the best part about scouts is… that it’s not really church… (that’s a joke)

  3. Ward Choir Director – I LOVE making beautiful music and helping people improve their talents. It gets a little harder when you have tone deaf people that want to sing, but it can still be a positive experience for everyone.

    I think it would also be fun to be a Mission President (if you can afford it) or a Couple Missionary because you get to be with your family/spouse doing missionary work full time. It would be even more fun if it’s in a foreign country (depending on which one, I guess).

  4. I have my 2 dream callings now:

    Stake Sports Director (Yes, I run the Men’s Basketball program) I love it for the challenge of it. After years of letting jerks & punks ruin the experience for all, I have cleaned up the program to the point that wives & Girlfriends can safely come to the games almost every week.

    Teachers Q advisor – Deacons too squirly, Priests too surly. Lot of fun if you have not left your inner child behind.

    If I could choose any other calling — Stake Activities Director of Stake Young Men’s President. All you do in those callings is plan and carry off sweet stake events… like youth conference, stake parties.. etc. That is a lot of fun if you enjoy that kind of stuff.

  5. When I was on my mission, I was asked many times to teach Gospel Principles at the last minute. I would like teaching that class because I could focus on the simple principles of the Gospel. After doing that for a few years I could feel like I could move on.

  6. Primary pianist. All the fun of being in Primary with none of the headaches. I’ve only subbed a few times, but I’m looking forward longingly for my turn.

  7. Missionary

    On of the greatest experience that I have had in my life was my mission in the Cape Town Mission. I would love to serve as a missionary again. My wife says she is willing to serve missions in the future when the kids are gone.

    I sit and day dream about missionary services all the time. I don’t get to actually go out anymore because we have 4 little ones at home and I am needed more at home than in the “world”.

    There is just something about wearing a name tag that makes me want to be more…more. I don’t know what else to say besides more.

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