Why Can’t Mormons Send Flowers?

My friend send me this classic Cheers segment:

Click the image below to watch the video segment:

Rebecca: “Oh, why can’t more men send flowers?”
Sam: “I didn’t know Mormons couldn’t send flowers.”
Rebecca: “I said ‘more men’, not ‘Mormons’.”
Sam: “I know they can’t dance.”
Norm: “No Sammy, that’s the uh, that’s the Amish.”
Sam: “Wh… Why can’t Mormons send flowers.”
Rebecca: “They can.”
Sam: “What are ya talking about.”
Rebecca: “I just wish someone would send me some [dang] roses.”
Sam: “Why does it have to be a Mormon?”
Rebecca: “Oh!”
Sam: “Some people you just can’t discuss religion…”

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