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  1. Awesome. It’d look better if they vectorized everything, the map looks a bit 70’s-ish in quality. But awesome video, looks like a grand finale of fireworks towards the end!

  2. Dear Dustin:
    Is it possible to get a version of this video that is not compressed for the internet…? Something I could burn on a DVD and send to a member of our Ward who is serving as a Mission President in the Philippines. He saw the video and asked my help in getting a copy he could use where he is….
    I use a Macintosh and the link to download the video gave me a wmv file. Any possiblility at getting a better quality avi or mpeg file…?
    Your help wold be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much…

  3. I don’t know of any way. You could look around the internet for a tool or tutorial that could show you how to burn the wmv file or a Google Video file to a DVD. I personally have never done it.

  4. I was hoping to get a copy of the original file (before compression for the internet), and then using either Adobe Premiere or Apple’s iMovie to convert the movie file format from wmv to either mpeg or avi.

    You are the one who posted the video here, yes…?

    Any help you could be would be greatly appreciated.

    You mentioned something about it also being at Church headquarters…?

    Maybe someone there could help. Do you have a contact name I could get at Church Headquaters…?

    I just don’t want to dissapoint the Mission President I mentioned.

    Thank you so much for your help….

  5. He’ll have 3 packaged copies in a few days. Thank you for letting me know of the need!
    We’ve decided that the next version will be translated into multiple languages and sent to missions around the world.

  6. Hey the video was really cool. I had an idea after reading your blog and finding out that you guys are programmers. Unfortunately I have zero programming skills so I’ll just suggest this and hope that someone thinks it’s cool enough to do.

    It would be really interested to track the churchs growth and other stats by using Google maps and integrating it with church stats.

  7. I would love to use this video in a presentation for our youth conference on Wed. How can I download and save the file for presentation without an internet connection?

  8. We would like to use this video as a part of a dance festival in Tacoma, WA. How do we get permission to use it? Also we would like to project this on a large screen, is it possible to get a higher resolution copy of this?

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