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After completing our Stake Presidency’s challenge to read the 5 gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, 3 Nephi) by September 1st, 2005, and President Hinckley’s challenge to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year, I’ve decided to issue myself a challenge. In light of the fact that we are studying the Old Testament this year in Sunday School and the fact that it is the only book of scripture I have yet to completely read, I’m going to challenge myself to read the entire Old Testament by the end of the year. My wife is going to do it with me, which will be a fun experience.

I found it useful to track my daily progress with an excel spreadsheet for the other two goals, so I’ve created this spreadsheet to help me with this goal.

The spreadsheet simply lists the books in the Old Testament with the number of chapters in each book. (I find it easier to track my progress by chapters rather than pages.) In the box next to it, list the number of chapters you have read in each book. The box on the right will display how many chapters you’ve read, how many are remaining, how many days are left, and, most importantly, how many chapters you have to average per day in order to finish by your goal date (you may change the goal date if you wish).

Click the image below to see a larger view:
OT Reading Chart

Click Here to Download the spreadsheet.

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8 thoughts on “Old Testament Reading Schedule”

  1. That’s cool, Dustin! My wife and I have also been reading the Old Testament together since sometime last year. We’re in the middle of 1 Kings, now. To be honest, there have been many chapters we haven’t gotten much out of, but we’re starting to look for more commentary and reference sources. Any good suggestions, anyone?

  2. Thanks for making this spreadsheet available. I think it is a great idea. I’ve downloaded it.

  3. Awesome! Thank you! This satisfies the OCD in me nicely (not that I’m implying anything about you! Just I like to take humor in my illness where and when I can, and I think maybe the Lord would get a giggle out of it too. Hee!)

  4. Funny! OK, I’m going way off topic here, but I had a Obsessive Compulsive story to share… Some reseach team from a University in Minnesota was studying my family tree. They were linking OCD & strep throat with my family (don’t ask, it sounds strange to me too!) My wife and I went in and fulfilled some interviews and blood tests. They paid us $150 a peice for our time. I think we really confused them because I was the only person in my family that showed NO signs of OCD, yet my wife had several “characteristics”. I think they wanted to throw me out of their study because it was destroying their hypothesis. I guess I can go back now and say, “Look at this spreadsheet!”

    What do they say… There has to be an exception to prove the rule?

  5. Good idea man. I saw you on 43things.com you seem like a really cool guy. I just read D&C after the Book of Mormon and now I’m finishing up the Pearl of Great Price, so I might actually join you on your quest.

  6. Hey! Thank you for making that Excell sheet available online! I’m afraid to toss out that reading the OT within a year is just that – reading. To really get anything out of the Old Testament one must really study the book. It took me three months to read Genesis to my satsifaction. Granted, everyone’s satisfaction level, comprehension ability, and reading skills are different.

    But thank you all the same for putting that Excel sheet together!

  7. KC,

    Good point. Though, having not read it before I really just want to get through it. There is something to be said for reading it within a certain time frame, else why would President Hinckley have challenged members last year to complete the Book before the end of the year?

    This certainly won’t be the last time I study the Old Testament. But at least after this I can finally say I read it from cover to cover.

  8. thank you for your effort. I took about 10 min trying to find a current reading schedule on the Church site and I was unable to find it. Thank you for creating this excel sheet. I appreciate it.


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