LDS Planet = Lonely Planet

There exists among the various dating sites one by the name of LDS Planet dot com (I wrote it out rather than give them another inbound link to boost their pagerank). I’m sorry, but you would probably have to be completely brand new to the internet to join this site.

Now I’m happily married so I don’t visit dating sites, but this one caught my attention when I noticed a Google Adsense Ad with the Title “Latter Day Blog.” I’m guessing that their ad has appeared on this site before and they saw the name of my site in their traffic reports and they are trying to milk it for all its worth.

Just out of curiosity I googled LDS Planet and found this rather humorous spam complaint against them. Apparently they are creating fake profiles and spamming people to convince them to join.

I went to the site itself and notice the footer explains that it is owned by “Zencon Technologies.” It simple Google Search of this term shows what kind of wolves are running this site. The two results contain the terms “scam alert” and “ripoff report”. Then you may notice the various other dot com dating sites they have running such as BlackPeopleMeet, DivorcedPeopleMeet, LoveAndSeek, BlackChristianPeopleMeet, PeopleMeet, SingleParentMeet, GamerPeopleMeet, … yada, yada, yada. I didn’t take the time to see how long their list ran.

Needless to say these people are low class idiots trying to milk their dating web script for all its worth.

I’ve blocked their ads from my site, but I encourage you to click their ad whenever you see it to run up their advertising bill. Hopefully if they start spending more on ads than they are making it may drive them away. Unfortunately, with so many clueless people on the internet I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

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  1. I am a member of I live in a small Utah town where everyone is married or retired. Being LDS, I find it is a nice alternative to meet other Mormons. They charge $6.95 a month for membership. I think that’s a fair price for IM and messaging and all that. I have been on lots of dates and had a couple of relationships because of the website. I think you would have to be single to appreciate an LDS singles site. Online dating is hard, takes time and you have to weed out the liars and fakes….even on a Mormon site. There are a few polygamists sneaking around on there too which I think is creepy and funny. Hey……anything to help find a decent date!

  2. Still, I wonder why they ended up last on the top ten list of LDS dating sites. Have you tried any of the others? When I was single they didn’t have LDS specific dating sites, but I do remember trying a few, like Yahoo! Singles, etc. So I am not knocking anyone trying, just this low class service.

  3. Well… I was new to internet dating after a recent divorce but knew I wanted to meet someone like LDS minded. I set up a few profiles on various sites not disclosing too much information. Overall, I found many people willing to be truthful. I spent the $6.95 special intro price simply cuz it seemed to be the cheapest. Within the first month, I had met several great people and used the chat feature often. My plan was to glean contact info, screen and then communicate through other means… and it worked. One of the last persons I met initially through LDS Planet, I married 11 months later. Maybe a rare.. but happy camper.

  4. Well, they aren’t $6.95/mo anymore. They want $16.99 a month for month to month and they deduct the amount automatically until you stop it. Their best rate is $11.99/mo but only for a 6 month contract, paid in advance. I posted a profile and favorited one member, and got a notification that he had responded to me, but when I looked at the views, he wasn’t even listed there. Why would somebody send you an e-mail when they hadn’t looked at your profile? That makes me suspicious. (You can look to see who viewed you, but you have to pay to see the flirts and mail.) What bugs me most about these sites though, are the people who send e-mails or flirts without posting a picture. That’s like throwing out a fish line, getting a bite and reeling in ….what? An eel or a sucker? Scary.

  5. I like Lds planet best of all the Lds dating sites I’ve tried .. There are more down to earth people there and less fake phony and self righteous men .. Asking crazy questions .. I’m not sure why you felt it necessary to post about this site negatively but I’ve had a lot of success from this site met a lot of nice men and like the less up tight crowd

  6. The funny thing about both your post. You are both right. People do respond, but i noticed they view people for me. Then i reviewed an email from a girl that said she noticed me on lds planet, and all that food stuff. How in the world DiD she very my email address. Im pretty techy. So i changed my password. And still a day later am it would show i viewed a lot of people. So check who you have viewed. So i complained to them and for safety reasons closed many account. I tried to reopen no I’m blocked. I will call them,because i am curious.

  7. I closed my LDSPlanet account. The dishonest people running this site send “flirts” to and from you. This causes confusion when you respond to a flirt and get ignored. And then you feel badly when a lonely person in whom you are not interested responds to one of the fake flirts or “favorites” sent on your behalf.

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