General Conference Trivia – April 2018 (Slideshow)

Last weekend’s general conference was Epic! It was probably my all-time favorite conference in my 40 years of life. I love the changes that were made to the priesthood quorums and the “ministering” program.

We had an extended family family-home-evening planned for after conference. I threw together a Keynote slideshow trivia game. I will post it here in case anyone wants to use it in a family home evening or church activity.

It made for a fun night and a good review of each of the talks in the conference. I will explain how we played so it might give you some ideas, but you can use this however you want.

  1. I told everyone before the conference to take notes because we would be playing a trivia game.
  2. I told everyone they could bring their notes to use in the trivia game.
  3. Asked the two youngest children to come up front. They were team captains and picked their team. It was funny because they were so innocent and they had no strategy. Grandpa – who had 18 pages of notes, was the last pick.
  4. For each question, the teams could talk about it and look at their notes, then the team captain gave or approved the final answer.
  5. The team captain also kept track of their team’s points.
  6. I gave one point for each correct answer. There were also a couple of bonus points in the game that kept the score close.
  7. If a team didn’t know the answer or gave the wrong answer, I gave the other team an opportunity to steal the point.
  8. In the end, the losing team had to serve dessert to the winning team before they ate dessert.

Here is the link to download the Keynote slideshow:

I exported it to Powerpoint. You may want to test things and make sure they work right:

I converted the Powerpoint to a Google presentation also: