Ammendment to Protect Traditional Marriage

The First Presidency issued a letter for saints in America to “express themselves on this urgent matter to their elected representatives in the Senate.”

I probably would have forgotten to do so, but thanks to a friend who fowarded me the contact information for the senators in my state, I followed through.

I would just like to encourage anyone who reads this to express themselves to the state senators. Also, may I suggest that once you have done so, you may forward your state senators contact information on to friends and family to make it easier for them to do the same.

Below is the letter I wrote, in case you want/need ideas to get you started with the letter. It shouldn’t be too difficult to “express yourself”:

Senator [Senator’s Surname],

I am writing to express my feelings about the upcoming vote on June 6, to amend the federal constitution to protect the traditional institution of marriage.

While I understand the desire some same-gender couples have to express their love publicly and have laws in their favor as couples, marriage has always been between man and wife, and should always be between man and wife. If a same gender couple wants to be “bound” in some way, let them call it something else because it is not marriage.

Our society is built on the family unit. I believe that the best way to strengthen our country is to strengthen and promote families. Protecting “marriage” will only serve this purpose.

Please vote in favor to amend the constitution to protect the traditional institution of marriage.

Dustin Davis
Taylorsville, Utah

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2 thoughts on “Ammendment to Protect Traditional Marriage”

  1. Good luck with your battle. We fought the same battle in NZ. Unfortunately, same sex marriages are now legal in NZ.

    We are also concerned about the number of (same-sex) marriages ending up in nasty divorces. We are trying to get Christians to pray about about it and trying to change the mind set of those caught up in nasty divorces etc. See:

    However we have got a long way to go!

  2. Gerald, I think that you should be equally concerned about the 1 in every 2 heterosexual marriages that end in divorce before you go singling out gays.

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