Book of Mormon Reading Goal

President Hinckley has challenged members of the church to read the Book of Mormon completely by the end of the year. I’ve created this spreadsheet to track my progress.

BOM Reading Goal

Basically, I’ve listed each chapter in the Book of Mormon and how many verses are in it. To the left I’ve listed how many of those verses I have read. Below each chapter is a summary of how many chapters I have left to read, the date I want to read them all, how many days I have left to do so, How many chapters I have to read each day, and finally, how far behind (or ahead) of my goal I am to read two chapters per day.

If you want to use this spreadsheet for yourself, feel free to download it here.

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  1. I love this spreadsheet and used it last year but now I can’t get the link to work. Please, please fix that!

  2. HaleighSarah Magee,I am a LDS(Mormon) youth, but and I noticed no one had arnwesed your question, and hope this helps a little. You wanted to know if we refer to the afterlife as being another land. Most of the time when referring to it at church, we call the place you go right after you die the spirit world. After you are judged, you go to one of the kingdoms. The top one is the Celestial Kingdom, and is the highest degree of celestial glory. It is also represented with a sun. Then there is the Terrestrial Kingdom, and is in the middle, represented with a moon. Then there is the Telestial Kingdom, The lowest one and is represented with stars. After that, there is outer darkness, where the people who have committed the worst crimes go. I don’t think I hear the spirit world or any of the kingdoms being referred to as another land, but I am also just a Beehive (Ages 12-13) in young womans so it is very possible that the reason I have never heard of it being referred to as another land is because I am younger, but I am also taking Preparing for Exaltation in Sunday School, so we have been learning about this lately.About how if we have more children do we get more land, I have never heard that before in my entire life and have never even thought about that. One of the reasons LDS families generally have more children is because Heavenly Father told Adam and Eve to multiply and replenish the earth, and we believe that commandment is still in act today, so we have bigger families. I actually know families with 13 kids and even had some miscarriages and might have more, so we do take this commandment seriously, and also family is the key to eternal happiness. Yes, it is possible we get more land if we have more kids, but I highly doubt that is true, even if there is a possibility that it is. Even if it is, Mormon families don’t have kids just so they can get more land. I hope this helped a bit,Haleigh

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