Dave Ramsey Live Event Was a HUGE Success

компютриDave cutting a credit cardIf you missed it, I’m sorry. It was awesome! Well, it was for me and my wife.

We actually got Platinum passes so we got to go early and have a nice steak lunch and meet Dave before the show. We also got a bag full of books (two of the autographed) and we got to go back stage during breaks for refreshments.

There was a downside though. I had a stake priesthood leadership meeting at 4:00 pm so I had to leave early.

From what I heard from those at the financial peace place (Dave’s employees) it was a huge success:

Not only did we sell out, over 500 families signed up for FPU!!  That is amazing….AND broke a company record!!

We heard about the live event on Monday; everyone was saying it was one of our most exciting ever.

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  1. We went to the live event last year at the E Center too and was really excited to go. What a great time to refocus our efforts on getting debt free. I heard he is coming again in a few weeks. We’ve moved down to Saint George and won’t make it this year. Glad to come across your blog and remember how much fun we had last year. Thanks!

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