4 thoughts on “LDS.org is Google’s #1 “Church””

  1. Actually, I just did a search, and I don’t have the personalized searches. Lds.org was 1 and mormon.org was number 7.

    One way that Google finds results is through the numeber of sites that link to a site. So, if lots of people have a link to lds.org, then lds.org will show up higher on the list.

    So, it is a good thing to see it so high.

  2. Jacob,

    I think you are correct. It seems that most sites who link to lds.org will containt he full name of the church, which will give it a lot of relative links for the term. Just as most people who use the term Mormon will link it to mormon.org, lds.org, or the wikipedia, which happens to be the 1, 2, & 3 top listings for the term.

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