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I have always tried to use proper titles when I address or speak of my leaders in the church such as calling the Bishop “Bishop” and the elders quorum president “President.”

Now that I have been called to be an elders quorum president, I find it awkward to call myself “President Davis.” I never have done so. When I make calls and I will normally say, “Hi this is Dustin Davis.” The person on the other end will normally respond with “Hello President!”

I wonder though, should I refer to myself as president as I am doing work as the president (such as making phone calls)? I think I use my own name because I don’t want to appear arrogant. I also sometimes feel the calling is bigger than myself – as if I don’t measure up to elders quorum presidents that I have had in the past.

I try to remember when I get calls from leaders. Do they say, “This is Bishop So-and-so” or “This is President So-and-so”? I can’t really remember.

Is this topic trivial and totally unimportant? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “Leadership Titles”

  1. While serving as RS President, everyone in leadership called me ‘President’, whichwas encouraged because they want to remember and treat leaders with dignity , etc. Never made me comfortable, and I always intro myself with first and last name …right, wrong? dunno, strictly cultural practices, and I always felt listened to and respected in my calling.!

  2. using titles like that is silly, anyone that insists on being called such a title is clearly too proud for such a calling. I call my bishop Big D (his name is darrin) and he loves it.

  3. L: That’s funny. Big D is what all my friends call me. 🙂 I’ve never met anyone that insisted on being called by a title. When I was called in my quorum the stake president something to the effect of “We’ve all called him Dustin in the past but we should now refer to him as ‘president’.” I think as JVT said, members are encouraged to use titles. I don’t know that it is that big of a deal and I certainly don’t care if people use my first name. I probably don’t even notice. But I do notice every time someone calls me president. I don’t think it is a pride thing. (I should know because I’m a prideful persong ;)) I like it because it quick and gentle reminder of my calling. I think a lot of members use titles simply out of obedience. Elder Henry B. Eyring presided over our stake conference last week. During the adult session he was talking about obedience and said there are special blessings that come from obedience. I think we can call leaders by their first names or some other nickname they have, but out of obedience and following the example of great men I admire, such as my stake president, I prefer to call my leaders by their titles.

  4. Dustin:
    The topic of leadership titles is interesting and often misunderstood. Particularly difficult for most is to apply a title to himself – like Bishop or President. Yet, when one keeps in mind the purpose of titles, it is easier. Elder Russell M Nelson gave an excellent talk in April 1993 General Conference about titles and Church organization.

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